Hello, I'm Brian!
And I'm an Interaction Designer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Code Guru, UX Designer

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P.U.R.E. Coach

With the P.U.R.E. Coach app amateurs and professionals are able to improve their football skills. P.U.R.E. creates a way in which a person can develop himself based on their performance and data gathered, or connect them with certain types of coaches to help them grow.

Project Hive

The idea behind Project Hive is to make a web chat that teams could use intern to communicate. The application had to be build in roughly 16 hours from the ground up, this includes UI / UX and all technical aspects.

B2B Help Tool

With the B2B Help Tool, it’s easier for companies to find a fitting package from the ISP T-Mobile. The tool helps to find a package that fits the need for the user and automatically make decisions based on the data the user fills in during the process.