B2B Help Tool

B2B Help Tool
29 Mar. 2019
2 weeks

T-Mobile came to us with a question, if we could help them build a tool for on their website. The idea is that the tooling can help decide businesses to find the right package that would fit them. And also provide feedback to T-Mobile for personalised offers to this business.

Initial idea

The initial idea was a hover over on the normal webpage. This way users could hide it or show it based on their preference or if they wish to continue reading the original webpage.


After we introduced the first idea, we heard that they want to drive a special campaign based for the tool. After this we found out that T-Mobile wishes to have a fully functional webpage purely for this and other information, so no hover function.

I’ve decided to look up another tool T-Mobile has for the consumer part. And based the next idea on this but then as a fully functional standalone webpage for inside, the marketing automation tool, Selligent.


After submitting the new work and getting it greenlight it was time to put the project into Selligent for our first online delivery. After we did this it was time for a new user testing round. We will have approximately around 6 of these, each new round brings new issues to solve.

After a numerous amount of fixes, improvements and small changes within a week. We've officially launched it and put it live on the T-Mobile B2B (business to business) page.

The result