P.U.R.E. Coach

P.U.R.E. Coach
18 Nov. 2018
Design, Consulting
5 - 6 Weeks

P.U.R.E. stands for Power, Uniqueness, Resilience and Ethics and is intended to help athletes perform better. The P.U.R.E. methodology progression can be traced and the appropriate trainers can be identified.


The app had to be a hub for all athletes. In doing so, they can not only set their own goals and see their statistics, but also view their own agenda, that of their personal trainer and the sports club. All these elements, together with the most recent feedback from their trainer, had to be present in one place on the home screen.

Of course, the hub is different for a trainer than for a pupil. That is why a trainer or coach has access to a more extensive environment than his pupils.

Goals and Statistics

Statistics are very important in the sports world for both the pupil as his trainer or coach. Detailed statistics can be viewed right from the home screen. Within the goals section it is also possible to view the overview of a personal schedule.

Smart Ball

The app acts as an extension of the P.U.R.E. Smart ball. With the help of this ball, training can be given and a coach has individual insight of his pupils.

P.U.R.E. Methodology

The P.U.R.E. Methodology can be pursued if a pupil has taken the P.U.R.E. Mindset Test. This is a short test which is offered immediately after the onboarding and where the "growth" and "fixed" mindset can be determined. The result is immediately visible for the coach after the test.

Sporter ≠ Trainer

There are two interfaces within the app. One from the pupil point of view and one from the trainer. Where the pupil receives a detailed overview of his own progression and agenda, the trainer has a good overview of the progression of his/hers pupils, club or team.


Within the P.U.R.E. methodology is it important that pupils can find sufficient and appropriate trainers to achieve specific goals. It is therefore possible for pupils to easily search for trainers, but also for trainers to easily recommend other trainers.


Many pupils are linked to one or more clubs. By linking clubs to the app, it is possible to easily find the club agenda and compare themselves with teammates.